"Ramrod," one of the high performance racers.

Bald Eagle on the Severn River in the Fall ​

"Which Way Do We Go"

"The Chase" -- Hurry, Hurry

"Oystering" -- From a long time tradition, Miss Brandi tongs off the Severn River's daymark, 1AH.
""Maryland Proud" -- The state ensign hoisted    atop the "Pride of Baltimore."
"Proud Pride" -- On the Severn River.
US Naval Academy's  44' Racing Fleet 
"At the Mark" - USNA racing fleet northbound on the Bay
"Southbound' -- Award winning image of the Pride of Baltimore II on the Bay.

Log Canoes on the Miles River by St. Michael's MD

On the Water . . . 

From Baltimore's 'Pride' to the Naval Academy's Racing Fleet to Shaw Bay to trinidad in the caribbean. 

Aircraft carrier HMS Elizabeth at anchor off the Severn River in late November, 2019​ with our USCG providing security. 

Newport, RI Summer Night

"El Galeon" -- The Spanish frigate tied up at Annapolis Harbor, September 2014. An incredbley beautiful tall ship.

"Old Glory 1812" on a tall ship.

"Skybird" -- Tight on the wind. 
"Block & Tackle" 
Thomas Point Light in Fall light.
"At Work" -- Image taken in Tobago of fisherman ending the day.

Two Albergs race during the Wednesday Night Series on the Severn River. Gorgeous gennakers whose colors complement each other. 

"Wednesday Night" -- During the popular summer racing season. 

"Solitary Work" -- Oystering in the Bay, an artform almost lost. 
"Schooners: Get Set, Go!" - From the annual Great Schooner Race on the Bay.